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Rutgers univer
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100% made in Italy
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Collection – the golden delicious

he Golden Delicious is our signature heel inspired by the seductive appeal of the apple as told in the Garden of Eden.
The golden apple placed at the top of the shoe is an elegant nod to romanticism. The color red compliments the seductive nature of the shoes.
Ruth Freeman began her career in the fashion industry as a retailer. She started scouting luxury handbags from Southeast Asia and Europe and selling goods to private customers and boutiques throughout the Unites States. Her love for accessories combined with her knowledge of what consumers were looking for propelled her to explore shoe making and handbag design. She began sketching and immersing herself into the business of fashion and found an Italian factory to develop her debut collection. She has built a career in finance and with Lharodon, she is able to balance business and creativity. Ruth holds a Bachelors of Science in Economics from Rutgers and Psychology from the University of Ghana.