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Collection – 20,000 Leagues 2018

20,000 Leagues
L’Enchanteur (L’E) emerge with their mythical Autumn/Winter 2018 luxe bespoke clothing and jewelry collection 20,000 LEAGUES. Inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 90’s electronic duo Drexciya, as well as Paul Gilroy’s, The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness, the L’E Collection creates stories and characters of the mythical, deep sea underworld interweaving alchemy & mysticism inspiring archetypes and their forms of transformation.

Each article of clothing and jewelry are designed specifically for an underwater characters: Le Poisson (The Fish), The Fisher, Drexciya and Captian Nemo. L’E explores storytelling through hand painted scenic fabrics, textured textiles, aquatic color palettes, golden inscribed coins, freshwater pearls, knitwear and color blocked faux fur. Each element of design translates the characters form:

Le Poisson, wears scaled upholstered quilted coats and trousers, oversized cashmere knitwear, with a giant gold vermeil and black pearl starfish.

The Fisherman dons an oversized trench coats made of nylon, silk and a multicolor faux fur seven inch high collar.

Drexciya camouflages its surrounds with black velvet camouflage, pinstripe denim lantern trousers as well as hand painted obscured scenic imagery, matching painted trousers.

Captian Nemo enrobes a subtle tunic with fish detailed fastens, velvet pants accented with gold rings, a large engraved mother of pearl cocktail ring.
The creative fruit of identical twin designers, Dynasty & Soull Ogun, L'Enchanteur is a luxury concept brand inspired by the sciences, colour theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, magic, & fairytales. L'Enchanteur seeks to communicate a story of craftsmanship behind each of their pieces, creating clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle items that redefine the meaning of an heirloom. Embodying their motto, Transform Your Lifestyle, Dynasty and Soull push forward on an upward and unknown path to introduce a new vision of design decorum to the world. L'Enchanteur is a Brooklyn based Design house. All items are hand crafted by Dynasty and Soull as well as local artisans to delivery a hand touched finished to each item.