Lara Ireland

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university of technology sydney
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Collection – A R T I F I C E 2 0 1 5

- 100% Repurposed plastic bags -

' A R T I F I C E 2015 is a conceptually led womenswear collection that explores the tension between luxury and waste in modern consumer culture. This highly textile focused collection investigates the tactile qualities of the humble plastic bag as a global symbol of excess and pollution, and explores the subversion of a discarded material into something of unexpected desirability and value. Fusing modern technique and innovative design with iconic heritage woven patterns, the collection is a powerful comparison of both the new and the old, the wanted and the undesirable, the luxurious and the unpleasant.

'In a world of fast paced, throw away fashion A R T I F I C E represents fashion made from the thrown away. ‘ - Lara Ireland

The name A R T I F I C E represents the ‘artificial’ nature of the collection, and the trompe l’oeil-esque deception of the plastic bags themselves. The collection is intended to trick the eye into perceiving the plastic bags – a product of waste – as something of pure luxury and excess, a complete transformation from one state to another.

Lara Ireland is a Sydney based designer, with a focus on a conceptual approach to Sustainable applications and Design. With an innate reflective and exploratory approach to Fashion, Lara uses this outlet to incite thought and reflection into our own habits as a modern day consumer. Featuring collections that are intimately hand-made and artisanal at the very heart, Lara has an instinctive sensibility for the transformative nature of textiles and the limitless possibilities for change and renewal. With an attitude for ethical Design, Lara markedly sets her philosophy around the basis of ‘Cradle to Cradle’ design – Recycling materials and eliminating the impact on wastage and environmental conservation.