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Collection – PROJECT 'ngis' TWO

The Collection: PROJECT 'ngis' TWO “PROJECT 'ngis' TWO will offer a cool bright summer assortments for men, keeping the KOSLAK signature conceptual collection tradition where culture meets modern edgy fashion.KOSLAK welcomes the auspicious spring with positive energy and blessed summer colors, hidden symbolic elements makes...

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Label: KOSLAK Designers: Thinles Chosdup & Nirajana Adhya Brand Philosophy: KOSLAK meaning clothes in Ladakhi truly defines the idea of a garment. "Koslak is an eclectic offering of culture meets concept in fashion. An initiative project to amalgamate Trans-Himalayan tradition and rich culture with edgy urban fashion and contemporary chic. Koslak satisfies the fashion conscience by offering curated pieces of a highly evolved aesthetic". The Collection: PROJECT ’chig’ ONE “The collection will overall offer a refined conceptual collection where culture meets modern edgy fashion with a reflection of meaningful prayer messages and hidden symbolic elements making it a very contemporary yet soulful assortment where each attire has a humble virtue to exude. Look at the seams. Touch the buttons. Read the jackets. Yes, read a thousand prayers whispered”. This collection would see an interesting synthesis of a particular woollen fabric ‘snambu’ woven locally in Ladakh on heritage looms with various weights of jean fabrics or denim giving the collection an inimitable blend. The collection comprises of specially worked upon outerwear pieces. We have imparted a very rare feel and look to the pieces which make the coarse ‘snambu’ fabric a lot softer, wearable and highly desirable keeping in mind the practical use of garments. It is not just a collection, it is a concept, a way of life, a slow revolution in process inspired by the rich trans-Himalayan culture.