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Collection – The Brittany Collection ONION JOHNNIES

For almost two centuries Bretons have crossed over the Channel for the 6 month-long migration, cycling all over Britain selling their onions in all corners of the Kingdom creating the now famous image of bicycle-riding French onion sellers. We have spent time with retired ‘Johnnies’ in the lovely Roscoff, Santec and St-Pol-De-Léon villages of...

Fashion Films

Anna Stervinou was born on a flower farm in peaceful Brittany. At 18, she started her long awaited journey off to explore the world. First stop was the French capital where she went to rub shoulders with the Parisians and study Art at Ecole Estienne. Finding student life too good to be a 3 year experience only she crossed the Channel and entered Camberwell College of Arts to learn how to break all the rules she'd learnt in Paris. Her thirst for new experiences and challenges made her venture further West to make it in cosmopolitan New York working at Pentagram Design Agency. But she missed English humour so much she decided to come back to the foggy city. After a great time working for Venturethree Design Agency in London she moved to Barcelona to enjoy more sunshine and many parties, while working out underwear label Women'secret graphics for Base Design. After many parties and a lot of sunburns Anna decided Barcelona was always going to be around and that she needed a more exotic fix and took off to Saigon, Vietnam. There she met her life and work partner Kike Gutierrez who was also coming straight out of Barcelona and London. They set up “Nanou” as a side project and created a Vietnamese fashion collection. Then they moved to Ghana where they created a Ghanaian collection. After Kike got malaria four times they decided to go to Brazil but only after travelling with their 1973 Peugeot 504 from Ghana to France. Warm, glamorous Brazil had to be the place where they came up with the idea of creating a travelling fashion company based on local stories from around the world. Kore Kamino was born out of a good Samba. Right now they are based between Europe and Asia and they are carrying on discovering exciting new local stories and bringing them to life through their clothing...