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ecole chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne, moholy-nagy university of art & design budapest
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Collection – Calligraphic Game_aw 17/18 Konsanszky

The imagery of 1950s abstract expression- ism investigates and focuses on emotions, meditation and momentary subconscious imagination. Mark Rothko, Mark Tobey, Barnett Newman, but even more so the life-work of Franz Kline, famous for the composed alignment of Asian calligraphy, had a substantial impact on the design- er. Kline created a more clinical geometric trend derived from the art of emotions.
The Beyond Controversy collection by Konsanszky expresses at once our eternal curiosity towards the boundless and incomprehensible cosmos and the a all-engulfing expressionism of our inner world.

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Konsanszky, the namesake label of Dora Konsanszky is one of the most significant phenomena in contemporary Hungarian fashion since its inception in 2006. Luxurious materials and tailoring techniques of the highest quality frame the designer’s dual world of both poetic French couture and delicate structuralism. Dora’s outfits radiate strength and panache, most suited for successful and dynamic personalities with sophisticated taste, evolved style infused with the need for restraint and discretion.