Kinga Kovacs

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university of east london
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Collection – Big City Jane 2018

The woman, wearing Kinga Kovacs clothing, is a truly elegant, yet urban diva. Confident, focused and a real survivor.
She is able to completely adapt to her surroundings, flexible, able to deal with any issues, and sees the opportunities in those.
She aims high; doesn’t matter the weight of the situation, her attitude towards any tiny matter is just enviable. Her goal is to prove – mainly for herself – that she can implement her plan. She doesn’t fear any obstacles, and she likes to be amongst the first to try new things.
The movie, called G. I. Jane has partly inspired the Big City Jane collection, in which the female lead has to fight against prejudice, stigma and hierarchy to be accepted. In which combat she reaches a goal, seemingly impossible prior to that. In this duel she also proves to herself, that she is able to do so much more than she has ever thought.
The Big City Jane clothes are elegant, comfortable and feminine. The mix of interesting digital prints shows, how the woman, the diva is able to continuously renew her look. She is a true cameleon, and easily tackles the difficulties of everyday life.
A little bit retro, a little bit autumn like, in its colours it is mainly black with the shades of brown and green.
These clothes are the indispensable pieces of everday survival. The outfits can easily be combined with each other, and are suitable for various events.
Kinga Kovacs continues to strive for sustainability, to produce practical garments in good quality, and aims for the anti-pollution of the environment, that is why every piece of clothing is made to order only.

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The Kinga Kovacs clothes are inspired by the classy and vintage, to turn it into a modern, timeless piece. The playful, youthful, colourful and airy outfits with the carefully selected high quality fabrics and the classic, neat and minimalistic cuts give the collections a refind look. This womenswear is made for a classy, elegant and confident woman, who may seem tender, but is smart enough to know how to get what she wants. Launching the label in May 2014, just a year after graduating from the University of East London – with grandiose ambitions, Kinga has since been dedicated to make fashion an equal place for everyone. Her aim is not only to produce pretty and functioning high quality garments, but to make a statement and provide solutions to issues so far unsolved within fashion (as well as other areas of life) . Currently in collaboration with VGYKE (The Blind and Partially Sighted Association, Central Hungary Region), to make fashion more ‘available’ to people with disabilities by producing garments and offering some of her sales to the charity. If you are looking to collaborate or have ideas on how to make fashion accessible to people with disabilities, then do not hesitate to get in touch.