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middlesex university
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Collection – Attraction/Aversion

Attraction and aversion; a dichotomy of feeling that can best be provoked through material choice. Although theoretically contrasting emotional responses, attraction and aversion are oddly congruous; there is often an element of fascination to the repulsive.

By creating a delicate balance between attraction and aversion, Kerry is inviting the wearer to consider their emotional responses to materials. She wishes to see if, by the use of pattern and the familiar form of a necklace, she can make discarded hair attractive and wearable once more.
Kerry Howley is a contemporary jeweller based in Cambridge, near London, England. Through the use of unusual materials such as human hair, Kerry wishes to create statement pieces of jewellery that provoke considerations of materials in jewellery. Whilst using hair in her graduate collection, Kerry developed a technique whereby delicate strands of material could be drawn together to create elegant and delicate patterns. She hopes to experiment further with this technique using raw silk fibres to create an innovative commercial collection, so watch this space!