Kay Kwok

United Kingdom
Graduation Year:
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Collection – SS 2013

Concept: "With the inspiration of the Ancient Egyptian culture about Cosmology and Religious. The relation between the process of mummy erosion and Solar, Lunar & Stellar system or Ancient Egyptian's constellation, Ancient Egyptian constellation observation like sun eclipse, moon eclipse and 'Horizon of Heaven' are the...
'Tsz Fung Kwok (Kay Kwok), from Hong Kong, is not a stranger to having his talent recognised: he won the Hong Kong Design Talent Award upon graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009, and was nominated for the Top 15 Asian Fashion Designers (in the student category) by WGSN. For his final collection at the LCF’s MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear, Kay's collection was nominated for Collection of The Year award. And recently, Kay won the International Fashion Contest- Mittelmoda Fashion Awards 2012.