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“We pursuit for the new, does not mean that the old are abandoned, but the new expansion.”
Shao Yiyang, After Postmodernism – Post Avant-garde visual arts
This series of experiments is to explore the relationship between the consumer and the industrialized merchandise in today’s capitalist society. With the continuous progress of science and technology in machinery, technology has brought fashion industry a convenient and lower cost production mode, coupled with the employment of labor in developing countries, so the fast fashion empire has a near-perfect low-cost production. Consumers have rapid demand for fast fashion, while the fashion faces are keep in the transformation, from the high reproducibility but lack of originality of the fast fashion, manufacturers have created a large number of “no temperature, no weight” fashion products, with the short period of fast fashion products, manufacturers and consumers also make a lot of cheap and outdated garbage.

Experimental project "Brand new / You're retro” concept is to collect "fashion garbage”, including outdated, not fitted, samples, defective goods, cloth waste etc.,, to deconstruct, replace and then re-construct from the abandoned garbage to re-give a new meaning. From the deconstruct / reconstruct experiment, we focus on the process of form and idea, to analyze the angle of the reorganization of the work. We spend plenty of time to complete one work and it contradict with fast fashion, but in the production process we find back the joys of fashion and the importance of originality.
Deconstruct is not a new word, it has always been 21 century leader’s flag of artistic creation, we hope that through this experimental project, re-create the "new" and "old" clothes value.

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KATHY LAM STUDIO was founded by Kathy Lam in 2014. Since Kathy’s early childhood, she has a soft spot for fashion, grew up studied major in fashion design, and completed her honors degree at London College Of Fashion . The brand main philosophy is to create fashion in blue and white only, Blue stands for elegance, tranquility and self-confidence, White represents nature, simple and pure. Our design brim with girl’s unripe taste, fusion with feminine charm, create elegant and natural touch. Fellow the traditional cut, mix with contemporary forms and embellish with exquisite details. KATHY LAM STUDIO cares on comfortable construction, desire to create a natural, unique blue and white style to highlight the natural beauty of women and girls. From 2014 to now, Kathy Lam Studio had been invited by Hong Kong trade development council to present the spring summer 2016 collection in Tokyo fashion week and Paris international fashion fair. In 2016, international fashion group Zalora has awarded Kathy Lam for "designer of the year".