Katherine Jacobson

new york

Fashion Films

How you feel and how you live your life is just as important as the clothing itself. Those that enjoy Meraki clothing lead a conscious, meditative life. These are the qualities that drive the aesthetic of Meraki. The ideas and inspirations behind each collection is derived from people themselves and celebrates the privilege of being. The clothing has an effortless Japanese-inspired California vibe to it where movement emphasizes the wearer’s grace and confidence. SUSTAINABILITY Each and every piece of clothing is crafted with love, creativity, and soul. We love our clothing but more importantly, we love our Earth. We strive to adopt sustainable practices in any way we can. We use zero waste, a technique that reduces the waste of fabric by way of strategic pattern making. We use as much of any remnants we find to create new garments. Any remnants can be cut into strips, made into yarn, and knit into a new garment.