Karishma Shahani

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Collection – Chauraha - Autumn Winter 2012

What an incentive are produce - scarce in one locale abundant in another, resulting in a route through dry deserts, treachourours mountains and dacoit infested plains, without which many secrets would remain hidden until technology furthered its advances. A bridge between countries and people, needs and requirments, beliefs and faith, art and...
The label focuses on being multi-cultural and using varying techniques and materials, not limited to a particular style to cater to a large audience of new age consumers. The core comprises of an integration of design as a celebration - an eclectic mix of simple textiles and materials with detailed surface treatments or vice versa which fit in harmony despite their contrasting natures. In its essence it is a re-interpretation of materials and their function at every step depending on the need, always re-using and recycling, creating heirlooms that are passed down through generations. The brand aims to help increase fair trade and benefit artisans at the grass root level for their revival and longevity. It stands as a means of promotion of an entire body of craft, from a bead maker to a leather worker, a dyer and a weaver. The designs combine a fusion of two extremes, making the products experimental and unconventional, while being hinged on modern functionality, beneficial to all the stake holders – the customer, the producers and all in between.