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central saint martins
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united kingdom
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Collection – 14S/S Step Forward

This is a story of a girl and a little creature. " Who are you?………A fairy?" After the rain, each green leaf was sparkling in the deep forest. There, she met a wonderful creature which she never seen before. "As you can guess, once, I was human like you. But then I realised one day that I had this form and colour already. Do you believe that there are different colour of spirit?" She held her breath for an instant. "Every creature has its own spirit colour. If you step forward, your colour will become stronger and brighter." "Then, do I have my own colour too?" "Of course, you have! But the colour will only appear when you step forward. I stepped forward a little at a time, and then, slowly and finally, found the colour on my wings." The moment she tried to touch the wings, the little creature vanished suddenly. " It takes such a long time to find your own colour. But don't be afraid to step forward. I know you can do it, because already I can see your colour slightly." She was half awake on the riverside, and saw something gleaming in the distance. It was the water reflecting of colourful dragonflies, they never fly back.
kaNASHKA, Luxury ready to wear label was launched by Kana Shirouchi and Studio MasaChuka in London 2012. Kana studied women’s fashion design at Central Saint Martins and graduated with a BA degree in 2010. Originally she was studying architectures in Japan and graduated from Kogakuin University before moving to the UK for studying fashion. After graduation of Central Saint Martins she started working for Hussein Chalayan and Vivienne Westwood. In 2012 Kana and Masahiko, who is owner of Studio MasaChuka, started working together and launched their label. All the collections are created and managed by Studio MasaChuka which is a sewing studio providing high quality garments in south London.