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Collection – Rock Shoes with Mental Madness ss10

- The “Kamæleon” shoe is a carefully custom handmade piece of art; - Every single pair is unique; - Definitely, DO NOT use the shoes on Non Cool or Non Rock & Roll places; - The model range from sizes 36 to 40; - DO NOT APPLY any "SO CALLED" maintenance products (Creams, Polishing products, Waterproof creams, etc); - Being a...
“I don’t have a story and I’m no one, I just want to make shoes with a fucking rock "sprit”! AMAELEON is a project to create custom handmade shoes; the project is nothing, the planning is everything. Customizing means the need for change, personalization; destroying what's original to make something better out of it, making something alive and with its own personality. It's a rock & roll attitude because it's close to the real world! There's no real reason to make shoes, the problem comes and you just look for solutions... the problem has gotten into your mind and is driving you crazy. Around the mid 800s shoes named "CAMALEONTE" were born, and those were characterized by visible colors and interchangeable accessories, truly Mutants. It is not by chance that those who lived around the late 800s knew anything about it. They believed that shoes, particularly those with heels, would cause mental insanity. Eventually, being the shoes always in touch with the ground, they're far away from the brain! By that, KAMAELEON discovered that only in the emptiness was it going to find its own true color.