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Collection – justx t-shirts

The collection is inspired by justx first drawing of tv box, which began the whole idea of t-shirts. Also mathematical forms: dots and lines, surrounding us everywhere in life and how often unnoticed. The collection want to show imperfection of line and dot against perfection of them - as an opposition to our striving of seeing perfection...

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justx - Justyna Kruszewska - has been always inspired by simplicity of forms around us, unlimitation of imagination, freedom in expressing what we feel, what we do, what we like and what we wear. justx as sociologist, self taught designer is in love with clothes as a way of breaking the conventional rules in fashion, love to simplicity and freedom in execution. That’s the foundations of justx’s fashion. justx specialises in anti-fashion, austere. Fashion is a game. Game - you with your clothes. Game - others looking at you. Game - you looking at others. Thoughts. Fun. Joy. Game.