June Nineteen

los angeles
los angeles
united states
University / School:
Sorbonne Nouvelle PARIS 3 University
Production Location:
united states
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Collection – SERPENT

Serpents were worshiped as good house spirits in ancient Baltic mythology.
It was believed they bring luck, protection, and wealth into the household.
These non-venomous animals were kept as pets near the stove, before cats and dogs. The more you had, the luckier you were.
JUNE NINETEEN took the Serpent symbol as inspiration and made minimal, naïve, animalistic jewelry out of it.
It will keep you jolly, make you wealthy and will you keep out of trouble.
June Nineteen is Los Angeles based jewellery line. The name June Nineteen reflects design approach which is creating timeless pieces made for everyday wear. One summer day - unique in a year, however the same as others. Especially in LA where everyday is a summer day shaped by a sunrise and a sunset. Eternal timeless summer. Two dimensions are always present - unique and quotidian. To achieve genuinely honest and authentic results, June Nineteen’s creative process is based on experiences and obsessions. Femininity is defined by fragility and strength. Pieces are pure, elegant and a bit weird. We celebrate owning less - only the meaningful, objects that have magic in them. Clean, simple, minimal but at the same time romantic pieces, where pragmatic eye meets nomadic heart.