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Isetan Japan / Shiseido The Ginza Japan / Le Bon Marche France / Saatchi Gallery UK / IT Apparel Hong Kong

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Le Bon Marche France / Saatchi Gallery UK

The 2D bags take over the fashion world!

JumpFromPaper’s 2D craze has emerged everywhere to its peak since the appearance with fashion blogger Susie Bubble. JumpFromPaper, one of the IT bags among celebrities during the fashion weeks, has been widely discussed beyond the catwalk with its unique fascination and humor. The review from UK Daily Mail in May brought JumpFromPaper even further in the fashion world.

JumpFromPaper plays fun designs to work as fully functional 3D bags, whilst retaining a 2D appearance. It breaks the rule with its challenging visual effect that makes a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration coming to life as real. Their philosophy of “Why take everything so serious?” has echoed by people across the world. JumpFromPaper started from 4 bags at the very beginning from Taipei, but now spreads out to some of the indicative fashion houses around the world.

Key Retailers : Isetan, Beams & Parco (Japan), i.t. apparel (Hong Kong) , Saatchi Gallery (London), Le Bon Marche (France).

JumpFromPaper is always eye-catching. The brand philosophy is to challenge the traditional imagination of fashion. The tagline of the year is “I Give Myself Permission to Be Me”, so we invite you “Just Be Yourself.” As we always say fashion is not fixed, “Think Outside of the Box” and you could get surprises unexpectedly. Let your imagination go wild with JumpFromPaper!

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