Julia Seemann

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Collection – ANOTHER COMPOSITION / Graduate Collection

An image, a collection – two-dimensional geometric elements, existing as a self-contained concrete composition and without referencing nature and visual reality, are incorporated in the formal language of clothing and designed to construct along the human body. Not only the reduced forms and cuts, but also the materiality inherently convey a sense of rawness and directness. In the interplay with the female body these qualities produce a unique modern aesthetic. Another Composition is an interaction between sensuality and sexiness, elegance and coolness, emphasizing the youthfulness of the wearer, which is triggered on the one hand by the jeans material and on the other by the clear forms and bold colours of the collection.
Graduated in February 2014 at the Institute Of Fashion Design, Academy Of Art And Design Basel. Internship at Vivienne Westwood Studios and Meadham Kirchhoff, both based in London.