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Collection – 13.1


Jolie Su collection titled HANDMADE HATS 13.1 introduces us to the universe of contemporary millinery craft. The hats were created in MODENA - a small millinery studio established in 1947 in the city of Torun in Poland, where Jolie Su spent time learning how to make magical headgear.

“I love hats! It’s so much fun! A hat or a hairstyle has always been important to me while designing collections. Like shoes or bags. A hat is a finishing touch, an exclamation mark! I started my collaboration with the millinery studio back in 2016 and I quickly understood I’ll love making hats! So I decided to learn it. This collection is the first but definitely not the last hat collection with a Jolie Su label on it!”


In the 50’s in Jolie Su’s hometown, the small and charming Torun there were 13 millinery studios. Each had its own clientele and was doing very well. Today MODENA is the last one remained. Interestingly, it’s the same one where the designer’s grandmother Krystyna used to make her own hats. Founded in 1947, the studio is now run by the founder’s daughter-in-law, Irena Benowska and it’s the place where my collection named 13.1 was created.

All the hats are 100% handmade of the highest quality Polish, Portuguese, French and Italian materials and are available to order through and

The collection reinterprets the form itself. Hats Vicky, Angie and Red Avocado are inspired by Paolo Scheggi’s art, that represents the spatialism movement. Founded in 1947 (same year as the MODENA studio) in Milan (the city from which the world millinery is derived), the artistic movement seeks tridimensionality within a two-dimensional painting. The idea of playing with perspective, shape and light seemed tempting, exciting but quite demanding. Especially while applied to tridimensional objects such as hats. As a result we can observe “sculptured” shapes of the hat, asymmetrical brims and monochrome approach to the colour palette of those three hats reflexing the inspiration.

The summer hat Yone was created out of pragmatism and desire to wear a bun (the most summery hairstyle that exists) and a summer hat at once. Impossible, right? Till now! The Yone hat is high enough to keep your bun nonchalant and stylish. Yone means love in Korean and the traditional XV-century Korean hat contributed to the noble allure Yone Hat gives the wearer. Having said that Yone is pragmatic, the hat can be worn two ways: with a nonchalant flower or without it for a minimalistic look. The flower can be also used alone as an accessory in your hair.

While, the Maryla Hat is a homage to my great-grandmother, the Krysia Hat is a sign of gratefulness to my grandmother - the woman who most probably is responsible for my love for hats. The yellow-lime cone hat Bird came to my mind when I was asleep - I dreamed it of! Jolie Hat and Jolie B Hat are must-have classics for every woman. And Kaplin? This hat pays homage to the millinery craft itself. And besides it flatters every woman.

The campaign: photographed by Magdalena Kozicka, model Martyna from Partisan Model Agency, make up and hair style by Dominika Renes. Packshots and studio pictures: Michał Kardas. Illustrations: Agnieszka Małecka

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Alexandra Sulzynska graduated with honors International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw in 2013. Now she continues her studies at IADE Creative University in Lisbon. The first collection of the brand named JOLIE SU is designer's graduation collection "sans-culotte". Jolie Su is inspired with social phenomena. PHILOSOPHY of the BRAND: Mixing casual and evening to surprise and be ready for any occasion at any time of day or night. Jolie Su wears women who want to stand out of a crowd, to get attention but not provoke, who seek for original, high quality pieces with a story. Femininity. Courage. Madness. Class.