Jojo Ross

new zealand
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new zealand
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Collection – T H E A N O M A L I E S

The Anomalies is inspired by the ground breaking ideas of string theory; a scientific exploration that states that everything in the work is made up of miniscule, vibrating 11– dimensional strings. It is a beautiful equation that solves many anomalies in physics, and could explain how the universe came to be. One of the most exciting revelations...

Fashion Films

Jojo Ross' other-worldly designs are a fusion of art and fashion. Her driving force is to create objects of intrigue with a surreal, magnetic presence. They heavily focus on new textiles and hand created techniques. Her works have been featured in Italian Vogue, and after being placed 3rd in Australian Graduates Fashion Week 'The Anomalies' was shot for a full editorial in Cielo Magazine. She has also featured in numerous fashion shows and awards.