Jessica Harris

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Collection – An editorial project by Jessica Harris exclusive for Sicky Magazine

photography : Camilla Storgaard Photography
model: Ella Plevin
styling: Jessica Harris
make-up/hair: Karrie Ann Murphey
assistant styling: Hllywd Hollywood
assistant photography: Bianca Softshock
thanks to: Mary Velo Green
Location Vögelchen, Kreuzberg
Berlin March 2013


Fashion Films

Born outside of Boston, she studied art history at Boston University then she moved to Rome, where she attended the Accademia Koefia di Alta Moda e Costume. In 2006, she opened her first boutique / atelier in the Trastevere area and named it 38LEOPARDO (being on Vicolo del Leopardo) and after just one year she debuted with her own line. Her clothes caught the attention of the press and were featured in various magazines including Vogue UK's editorial by Tim Walker of Karlie Kloss 'Russian Dolls' (october 2010). She took part various times in AltaRoma, the Roman high Fashion Week, including a presenttion for A.i. Artisanal intelligence, AltaRoma's project designed to promote up-and-coming talent from the capital. After spending a year in Paris between 2009/2010, the designer closed her atelier and opened her first boutique, LEOPARDESSA in Rione Monti in Rome. There you could find Jessica on the stores brocade swing designed by Elena Boni, swaying to the rhythm of 60s songs in the large scale dollhouse/ turned shop, on Via Panisperna 226, Rome. In 2011 Jessica joined forces with the actress and writer Mariaelena Masetti Zannini and created the LEOPARDESSA collection with as Jessica designer and Mariaelena merchandising and sales. In 2012 they closed the Rome boutique and took the collection to sell in various boutiques in northern Italy. They soon after showed at the White trade show in Milan in early 2013...Currently Jessica works and lives between Berlin and Rome as designer and Art director of both collections 'Jessica Harris' and LEOPARDESSA...