Jennifer Gadient

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Collection – ss12 looks

When you look at germs through a microscope so many lines and layers can be seen.
You see multi-silhouettes and that’s what the designer wanted to translate into the pieces.
To reach this effect she chose plastics as mainmaterial. The fact that they react on heat leads to new
forms and volumes as well as to welded seams for example.
Transparency and the ability of the material to be airproof are important things for her to
consider as she wanted to create blown up pieces. The silhouette of the body is, despite the
huge volumes, always visible.
Jennifers work is often inspired by bubbles, foam or glass. What fascinates her is the short-lived but very strong presence of objects. The search for aesthetic is kind of a tightrope walk. She tries to find a balance between the known and strange, attraction and rejection. Her aim is to offend without being shocking. This tension is what generates curiosity. Despite huge volumes, the silhouette of the body is always visible. With her collections, the audience immerses into the staged world of the designer as well as the women wearing the pieces immerse into the large volumes of the clothes. 2007-2012 bachelor of art with specialisation in fashion design. basel, switzerland 2002-2006 matura degree with a focus on art & design 2012/13 costume assistance at theater basel 2012 costume design for "les idées heureuses" (dramma per musica), frankfurt 2010 swiss caravan, collectiondesign, project of the swiss embassy in syria 2010 els roseboom, fashion and patterndesign, amsterdam 2009 LEW, amsterdam 2009 first national winner of triumph inspiration award 09. milano, italy