Jade Mellor

United Kingdom
University / School:
manchester school of art
Graduation Year:
Production Location:
united kingdom
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Collection – Modern Ruin

A collection of pieces made using workshop fragments, inspired by textures in our surroundings combining natural and urban.
"Each one of my pieces I personally make by hand. Every one of these coloured flecks is the result of a piece of jewellery being created. They wouldn't exist without the previous work, each a record of the pieces before it. In the same way by using hand working processes rather than having my work manufactured by others or machines means that with each piece I gain experience. Each one a tiny fragment gained that can build into something more varied and interesting. So everything I have learned also goes into the next piece. I hope that if we can look at our own modern surroundings with the same rose-tinted view we use for aged ruins and natural objects, appreciating the processes and textures for what they are we will be happier in our daily lives."
Inspired by ancient civilisations, historical fashion details, geology and fossils I am constantly experimenting with natural inclusions in resin to create textures, colours and qualities. Through mould making and hand shaping my sculptural jewellery and using the material’s properties encasing and filling voids, I mimic processes usually taking thousands of years.