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Collection – THE SECRET GARDEN - Spring/Summer 2018

A poetic portrait of beauty and ancient wisdom of nature has been invited
into our wardrobe.
A mixture of luxury, nature and tradition. Mysterious yet beautiful.
Visually striking influences and fresh designs draw out our new collections
sophistication and elegance.
Some of the silhouettes are nostalgic references of the 50s and 70s.
Refined but understated glamour.
Our SS 18 collection introduces feminine layering, decorative laces,
transparency and embroidered meshes on soft silhouettes.
Housemaid inspired shirt dresses with contrast cuffs and collars,
maritim stripes, printed kimono shapes, midi length embroidered flared
skirts and fluent evening dresses are key for this seasons collection.
Nude shades, roasted corals, pastel yellow, navy blue, soft whites
and khaki green are setting the tone. Never fully dark or intensely bright.
Through movement, natural shape and simplicity in colour and composition
we have created a gracious connection of design, human presence and
nature, in an enchanted, urban and curious form.

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IVY & OAK is a unique fashion brand founded in May 2016. We are the brand of choice for the contemporary, independent woman, who wants to dress well and pay less. We design and manufacture high quality clothing, that is not only inspiring and easy to wear, but also affordable and made to last. The vision and mission of IVY & OAK is to create a conscious buying behaviour with a true sense for relevant fashion. In a world full of trends, we believe in style. SIMPLICITY Keep it simple – Cut the middle man. We chose to leave out all components, that increase the price for our customer. We value the product and the customer. QUALITY We believe in timeless silhouettes with beautiful details at attractive prices. We value exceptional manufacturing, luxury quality and great style over fast fashion principles. SUSTAINABILITY We are aware of our responsibility to strive for product sourcing in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. We value fair conditions.