Iveta Vecmane

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art academy of latvia
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Collection – Melancholia

Melancholia - (lat. Melancholia < gr. Melancholia <melas (melanos) black+ cholē bile)
She is reserved, antisocial black air breathing creature whose acute need is leaning to immerse in herself and shut off in loneliness, suffering from her existential alerts and sadness, but at the same time gaining supernatural Power.
Iveta Vecmane is a demi-couture brand from Riga. Designer Iveta Vecmane studied at one of the strongest academic schools in Latvia, Art Academy of Latvia. Iveta has been a fashion stylist for the past 10 years, who emphasized her works at the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazines and fashion projects in Latvia. She has transformed her experience skills into a qualitative fashion brand for the modern, elegant and contemporary women. My mission is to construct elegant and classic silhouettes, using creative fabric manipulation techniques as pleats. And every unique piece is representing timeless and slow fashion philosophy.