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Università degli Studi di Padova
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After many travels, both physical and with the imagination, for the Spring Summer 2018 season, Isla Fontaine decided to go back where she belongs. The result is a collection of accessories inspired by her hometown, Venice.
With this collection she wanted to pay tribute to what for her, more than a place, it’s a state of mind. A dream suspended between water and sky. A shimmering vision, moving like the reflections of its lagoon. A mystery to be preserved.
The collection is imbued with these suggestions, but mostly with the two elements it is made of: stone and water.
While the jewelry line combines the typical minimal forms of the brand to, among other materials, marble, stone which for centuries has adorned the palaces and churches of the Venetian Republic, the bag line, is permeated of the sinuous shapes of water or of objects associated with it.
In the jewelry line we find also the Murano glass beads of the 40s and 50s (a real treasure nowadays) and the precious enamels made with the same ancient technique of the past. As for the forms, we see stars, full moons, birds and pure lines that, like a dream, tell us about exotic nights.
For the handbag collection, to the basic models of the Prima story from the previous seasons which handles reference
the ropes of the Serenissima’s ancient ships, Isla Fontaine added two new styles. The Laguna bag recalls the waves of the canals and the metal frame closure of the Sandolo bag echoes the form of the traditional boats of the Venetian
lagoon. The collection includes a bucket bag, two totes, a lady bag, a shoulder bag and an elegant clutch. In addition, each bag comes with an original playful bag charm: a scoobydoo or an origami boat.

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A native Venetian, Eleonora Mayerle has traveled the world since she was very young and lived abroad for long periods in Paris, Madrid, London and Buenos Aires. After a Master Degree in Communication Science, Eleonora specialized in Contemporary Art History working for many years at La Biennale of Venice and, eventually, as a curator and a critic for art galleries and magazines. From 2009 to 2016 she was curator for an important contemporary art space in Venice until she decided to focus exclusively on Isla Fontaine. Thanks to the continuous relationship with artists and their works, Eleonora develops her personal creative vision and in 2012, after having studied Jewellery Business at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, she determines on creating her brand. As an attentive observer, she continues to find inspiration in contemporary art, design, architecture, and photography as well as dance, music and, above all, fashion. In her pieces, Eleonora combines the international fashion trends with her artistic background and the Italian traditional quality, in order to make accessories which are at the same time classic and trendy, contemporary and timeless. She lives and works in Venice with her husband and their son.