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Graduation year


InKrUsH is an idea that mixes the music, the art and the criticism of the messages of the songs that listen. It is a tripod, a Greek temple of which it is supported on three important columns, three sources that create the InKrUsH movement.
InKrUsH is in charge of doing everything, is not inspired by anything and inspires everything, is not inspired by anything because of all that already takes care of it, to create those works of art with which he then tries to work and create a collection.The circle represents the loop, the infinite, the color palette of thousands of tones, infinite ideas and infinite chords, that is InKrUsH.
With my feet on the ground, my eye and I are one, a telescope in the spotlight and under the slogan: '' l'Oeil dans le projet '' - the eye in the proyect, the eye in your objective.
Winner of the Gold Award of the 25th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest, Hempel award Mercedes Benz Beijing Fashion Week 2017.

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