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Initially Inspired by the patch work found in a tailors that was made in 1896. Essentially in this collection I have taken elements of structural engineering and geometric design and moulded them around living forms using traditional hand-crafted techniques of bespoke tailoring; a marriage of seeming incompatibles that I term “bio-geometric...
ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese-born Menswear designer based in London. He graduated from London College of Fashion, after which he joined Savile Row bespoke tailors Henry Poole & Co., where he has been trained in the art of cutting. In 2010, in order to further sate his creative drive and his aesthetic, He decided to study at Royal college of Art. This is with a view to complementing his fine traditional background in Savile Row tailoring with his innate creativity and innovation which has no doubt was honed while studying artistic design at the highest level. As several awards in various international competitions will testify, Ichiro has an unrelenting obsession with design and bespoke tailoring.