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Collection – 003

Inspired by a cool dad's closet, this collection is filled with memories of the designer's youth growing up in the 90's in South America.
The garments have contrasting styles, going from cashmere corporate suits to sportswear pieces like soccer jerseys, which are a big part of latin american culture. This season, Fernanda & Mirko use a much richer color palette, with hues of neon green and hot pink bringing out the early 90's aesthetic.

It all started back in Bolivia in 2013 with a white tee and some free time. A year later we (Mirko & Fer) were moving to New York, stimulated by the contradiction between the neurotic big city and the simple yet wild life back home in South America.The contrast between these two places inspire us to create wearable pieces that are re-interpreted with a rebellious approach; reshaping everyday items, playing with arbitrary colors, twisting conventions and blurring the lines between genders have become constants in ICETEES. There’s no grand concept, rules or trends to follow, we are just making clothes that we like, how and when we want.