Icelynne Yeo

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RMIT University Australia
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Collection – Life in Death

In the aftermath of destruction and death, we dust ourselves off to find a new beginning. Beauty in death announces a new trend in austerity where textures and fabrics are inspired by decay, decomposition, distressing and the color red, which represents blood. The passing of time leaves imprints that translate into raw materials while the structural silhouette approach emphasizes the beauty of imperfection. Being aware of the broken relationship with nature and human nature, and yet we humans are still very depended on it. We emerge from the ruins, remembering that eventually everything turns to dust.Through re-evaluation, we begin to accept a graceful melancholy. Our newfound knowledge leads to a renewed austerity as we consider what is important in the things we surround ourselves with. In the search for balance and harmony, we have a renewed respect for the cycle of life. Broken and old is no longer seen as redundant and a fresh spiritually opens up the subconscious. Looking at the renewed beauty in decay, death and transience. We discover a new momento movi, which reminds us of our own mortality. We celebrate the beauty in death, ‘in memorandum’. In contemplating the beauty of still life, we take the time to review and celebrate the beauty of the abstract, in death, life and time. Natura Morta. We find new beauty in the unbeautiful, questioning our perceptions of texture, surface, and detail. Taking this design direction and evolving an entirely new beautiful aesthetic and respect for death.Damage and decay are celebrated, challenging our perception of beauty. Gently charred and grainy surfaces create an intriguing aesthetic. The restraint of details is key as we draw inspiration from monastic lifestyles. New patterns emerge through bleeding color, creating an organic splash paint or spray that is scorched, singed and reinvented for a second life. Ashen announces the return to black in summer, accessorized by greys, muted tones and blood red, reflecting the colors of decay and death. Accelerate decomposition and decay to create ephemeral textures. Burnt materials produce ash and charcoal structures that dissipate upon touch. This weightless ash will become the new soft-hand feel. Dusting white powder on the face and body and be enrobed in layers of flimsy fabrics with a fragile and worn effect. Beauty with a mysterious edge personifies the new dark romanticism.
Icelynne Yeo is a Malaysian born Chinese Fashion Designer that is Melbourne Based. She is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honour) 2018 at the RMIT University Melbourne. She is always inspired by her surrounding which she then explores them in many different creative ways. She often experiments with many different types of fabrications to create her final collection such as silks, wadding, wool and cotton. The design process for each of her collection takes many months. This website is her workshop which shows all her work and the development of her designs and ideas. Which she loves to share with all of you!