I Know By Timsy Siddhartha

new delhi
new delhi
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pearl academy of fashion
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Collection – FRUGAL CHIC

For Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2011, I KNOW dresses his man in a frugal chic look. The existing silhouettes have been de/re - constructed to make him look audaciously stylish. I KNOW’s man revels in refinery and is ready to spend his last cent on the finest men's labels in vogue to outdo each other on the dandy dress scene. Every piece is a sublime piece of art, which takes you by surprise.
Making her debut entry in Indian Premier London Fashion Week, Timsy honed her skills in Fashion Design at Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi. For her breakthrough innovation in the field of designing, she has been awarded the MOST INNOVATIVE COLLECTION AWARD for her Graduating Collection in Portfolio’09. The inspiration for her IPLFW collection comes from the half-man and the half-woman form of Lord Shiva, ARDHNARISHWAR. Her dream client is the most unconquerable, incomparable, unapproachable woman, empowered with the strength of a man and yet seductive like a woman. It is for the futuristic fashion queen, who always wears things and people say things about the things she wears. Her incredible understanding of silhouette development and her own preference of more minimal, uncluttered design, make for strikingly contemporary sensibility. The line for IPLFW consists of 80’s inspired coats and jackets, and dresses in an androgynous look. The corporate blue, black and white suiting and shirting is juxtaposed with feminine silhouettes. The form of a basic shirt is deformed and the nitty-gritty detail of the shirt creates the captivating story of Ardhnarishwar.