Heulwen Lewis

United Kingdom
University / School:
london college of fashion and north wales school of art
Production Location:
united kingdom
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Collection – Dissolution

‘Dissolution’ uses skills acquired from all areas of expertise; this includes traditional techniques of pattern cutting, hand forging, soldering, hand stitching and hand dying, mixed with a non traditional method of laser cutting.
The concept for this collection derived from my childhood traumatic experiences of multiple deaths within the family, and many were a direct result of the effects of cancer.
For this reason the topic of disintegration and the degeneration of mind and body have always been of interest and the project was a cathartic method of using these traumatic life experiences into my practice based studio work. The intention was to juxtapose the ugliness of the disease and the ‘beauty’ of cancer, the metamorphosis of one’s body from one form, into another through the disease and treatment received.
Heulwen Lewis Designs by Sarah Heulwen Lewis I received a Masters in Fashion Artefacts from London College of Fashion and a BA in Applied Arts: Jewellery at North Wales School of Art, I am an accomplished designer and fabricator of innovative, contemporary accessories, all crafted by hand, using both traditional and non-traditional methods of making from metalwork and leather. I am a massive believer in hand craftsmanship and by applying both traditional techniques mixed with modern methods each piece created becomes bespoke or limited edition and is always made to the highest standard.