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Collection – The Leaves

Photo : Luca Meneghel Model: Olya Rybakova - 2morrow model Mua / Hair: Sabine Gutwenger

Fashion Films

When we look at those terms ‘fashion, art, and design’, Hein Juel is into a greater orientation to all of them. Hyunjoo Chung, the founder of Hein Juel is a true artist, and a designer who strongly believes that fashion cannot be considered as itself without connected to art, and at the same time to design. Once had been being involved herself as a music composer and now as a fashion designer, Hyunjoo has been expressed her creativities in various ways in various places. She developed her artistic vision and improved her skills to express it from Seoul National University, Central Saint Martins, and as well with having worked in various designers' studio such as Alexander Mcqueen, Gareth Pugh, Isabelle Kristensen. Now she aims to show and share what she has been embraced in her mind as a fashion designer through the brand Hein Juel. Hyunjoo has strong taste of style which is sophisticated, elegant, yet bold. She is not afraid of mixing different fabrics, experimenting textures, and trying new combination of colours or prints. As a way of proving that her works are worth to be kept watching, Hyunjoo Chung’s works have been selected as a finalist from “Camera della Moda Milano, Next Generation 2009” in Milan and her activity as a designer was shown on Finnish TV in 2011. The range of her designs got widen shortly after her launch the brand. She launched the shoes line, and as well designed uniform of National Cycling team of Principal of Monaco. HEIN JUEL is continuously gaining buzz over the world with it's eclectic mixture of subtley flamboyant looks.