Hanna Fiedler

United Kingdom
University / School:
london college of fashion
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united kingdom
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Collection – TECTONIC

TECTONIC - This collection is inspired by the phenomenon of tectonic plate movement. The concept of continental drift is believed to have changed the shape of our continents several times in the on-going process of plate movement and is the main inspiration for this collection. Further the collection explores textures that can be found in areas of high tectonic activity such as Iceland. These textures are mirrored trough parallel cording and hexagon shaped quilting, resembling basalt. Wool roving is woven into textured panels inspired by moss covered lava fields and bead embroidery is reminiscent of black sand beaches.
The collection plays with the contrast of fluidity and structure using fluid as well as rigid fabrics, creating fluid shapes with stiff fabrics and draping soft fabrics trough stiff panels.
Photography: Julia Shaskina
Model: Nadia Khivrych
Make Up: Emese Kenez

Hanna Fiedler is a London based Designer born and raised in Germany. She recently graduated from London College of Fashion and has prior been educated as bespoke costume tailor at the Berlin Opera Foundation. Hannas design process is based on experimentation with cut and techniques. She enjoys working with clean lines and texture created trough fabric manipulation. The aim throughout her work is to create garments that empower women to not only look, but also feel great.