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de la salle - college of saint benilde school of design and arts
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Collection – Hello There, Old Freind (Friend)

This collection pays homage to our childhood self as we transition from an avant garde collection to something more tamed but remaining quirky. This is a tribute to one's inner child as we reminisce pieces of clothes and prints that we once used to wear. This collection also highlights our perspective on genderless fashion as we experiment with peculiar textures together, alongside with our signature oversized fit.

Hello there, old freind. We meet again!

Photographer :Wilmark Jolindon
HMUA: Aria Ortega
Models: Eron Sagun and Selina Woobhang
“For all the free spirited” Ha.Mu is an independent local brand that is a brand child of two upcoming designers, Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki that was founded in 2017. Ha.Mu works on a basis of rebellion, creativity and also the freedom of expression, fused with the idea of love and confidence in one’s self. Both heavily influenced on contemporary art and on the simple idea that clothing has no gender, they have conceptualized and designed pieces that are unique, one of a kind and most importantly androgynous. These attributes shine through their works as they always strive to be visionary thinkers. From Ready to Wear to Artisan clothing, their pieces will always have this distinct signature style. Ha.Mu’s aspiration is be a voice of individuals who do not fit into the standard norms of the society and create a lifestyle that highlights individuality. Capturing market trends and experimenting with them, Ha.Mu pays attention to how these trends can be manipulated for both the women’s and men’s pieces. For every garment, Ha.Mu pays maximum attention to details, textures and also the “perfect oversized fit”. The brand highlights the idea of individuality and uniqueness and at the same time, feeling confident and good in what you wear.