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GYLLIUM: The New Status of Script The Story Two women - Gergana & Lyubomira created a newly starting premium brand that specializes in creating high-end luxury agendas. It all started with our love for reading paper books and writing by hand combined with our taste for exquisite and aesthetic items. We believe that nothing can substitute the feeling of a real book in your hand and nothing can stimulate your brain better than writing your thoughts down with pen on paper. We wanted to promote handwriting in an era of digital advancement and make reading real books the new fashionable thing. That is how our idea was born: to create an agenda so luxurious and beautiful that people would want to carry it with them and would provoke them to use it instead of their phones when they need to write something down. Point of Distinction We wanted to convey the idea of status in two ways: the first and the more obvious one was to make the agenda as opulent and dreamlike as possible. That is why we chose to make our classic line from lustrous black fur. Every detail was extremely important to us because we aimed at creating an all-embracing pleasuring unwrapping experience for our clients. That is why we designed customized luxury boxes with plush interior. We also created a unique bewitching woody oriental fragrance designed especially for perfuming leather. In that way people will associate us not only with visual images but with a specific scent. In addition, every agenda has a self-destructing hologram with a serial number and a Card of Authenticity that is signed personally by the two owners of the brand. The New Status of Script The second way, in which we wanted to convey the idea of power and status was a subtler one. In an era of digital engulfment when time is money only the rich can afford the luxury of taking time to write by hand. Script will soon become a characteristic of the powerful and influential, for whom it is essential to be unique and go beyond the trivial world of mass digital communication. Handwriting is demonstrating its potential to impress and those who appreciate appearances know they can convey class, style, and even a certain power through well-chosen writing gear. Script will soon become the new status token and we are here to make it transpire. That is why we tried to create the most useful inside sections, where the delicately tinted pages in the color purple and branded with the Gyllium monogram contain the ultimate combination of agenda sections that one would need. The Eternal: Winter Every Gyllium piece is a piece of art. It is crafted by hand and has gone through the thorough inspection of many craftsmen and mavens before it is delivered in our customer’s hands. Each agenda is made of the highest quality genuine leather or fur and refined to the smallest detail. Currently we have our first model out: a forever classic called The Eternal: Winter made of lustrous black fur (cavallino: fur horsehide), which we plan to have constantly in stock. It is crafted by hand with utmost attention to the smallest details, and will remain an opulent and premium object of desire for ardent admirers of aesthetics. Furthermore, at the moment we are designing different models that will be limited collections: only 100 will be made of each type. That is our concept: to constantly come up with new couture designs of limited numbers that will follow the fashion trends but of course will be interpreted through our own style and carry the Gyllium essence of exclusivity and splendor. Share Your Success Last but not least, at Gyllium we believe that happiness is real only when you help others and give a piece of your happiness to the ones in need. Throughout the years, we have partnered with various charities and now we continue this tradition by pledging to make a donation of each agenda we sell by the end of this year to the non-profit organization “Hronika Against Cancer”. This NGO is based in Bulgaria and aims at supporting cancer patients, promoting cancer awareness and informing people about cancer prevention. You can learn more at: From the beginning of next year, we will increase our contribution by funding specific events and supporting concrete patients. A Simple Path to Happiness Both of us have other successful companies that operate in completely different spheres of the economy. However, we decided that a job is not only about money but about happiness and fulfillment. That is why we decided to follow our hearts and dreams and start something that involves fashion, aesthetics and creativity and will bring beauty and exquisiteness all around us!