Gyanendu Baruah

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domus academy milan
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The project is inspired from a documentary based on the Magdalene Laundries.
The women were made to atone for their sins for having any relations with men
before marriage. They were made to work like labourers and were asked to shed
all their physical beauty as Mary Magdalene.
The major points of reference for me in this collection were the attributes
associated with the women in this scenario and the stark contrast between the
real person and the attributes associated with them. I have divided the collection
into two parts, the first part being the : protagonist and her culture, and the
second part being the: manifestation of the antagonist.
In the first part of the collection consisting three looks I tried to explore the idea
of a maiden. The major references were the Romanian costumes for this part of
the story as they have strong mythological references and girls wear white or
off-white outfits as a part of traditional costumes for various occasions. The
second part has references from mythological stories of Dante’s inferno. The idea
of fetishism and subversive cultures plays major roles mostly referring to the
new generation of youth living their dreams in the underground club culture.
Gyanendu Baruah is an indian designer who graduated from Domus Academy Milan recently. Growing up in a state, which is known for handloom and handicraft he had always had an interest in textiles and handmade artisanal products. However his interest in fashion mostly comes from the world of art and drag, working with leather for both accessories and clothing and fine hand-stitching. He approaches the concept of clothing as a play on performance of gender and representation of an alternate identity. Pushing and playing with the ideas of femininity inspired from the icons of glossy fashion magazines is the key concept for all the collections.