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Collection – BEVISST F/W 2012

Bevisst, Norwegian for 'conscious', stands for one's acknoledgement of her surroundings while dreaming about a diferent day and age. Here, Bevisst is just as much a collection of ideas as it is a collection of clothes. It draws on the textures and colours of the Victorian era, mild and dark tan, graphite, blackened purple mixed...
I absolutely love watching people on the street and thinking that what they are wearing forms a composition that's wrong on so many levels but so a fascinating and outright cool at the same time. After all, inspiration is everywhere, in art, architecture, music, film, senses and memories, they all have a story within. Ultimately, the clothes that a woman wears are there to add joy to her life and make her feel confident. Whenever I start work on a new collection I draw, in fact, men's clothing. At this stage I don't think about things like curves, waist and hips, comfort comes first. The feminine side then takes over and I get crazy with the design, patterns and layers, going over the detailing stages time and again, until the results are garments that are both comfortable and sensual.