Gösta Von Platen

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esmod berlin international university of art for fashion
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Throughout one's life we surround ourselves with material objects. We seek to build our own world through the things we choose to live with. It is a relationship we take for granted and mostly see as one-sided; we are the ones choosing our things. In my graduate collection I investigate our relationship to objects and how we live together with them. How they inspirer us, calls us, affects our behaviour, touches us, reacts with our senses and transport our thoughts. I am seeking a bodily encounter with my personal material world to see what energy it stores. It is a world that builds on a trinity of body, material and environment but where the natural laws as we know them do not apply. Through personal experiments and research I entered this inner universe as a different state of mind to see how it affects my own behaviour. It is a smooth space yet in constant movement, as a liquid pouring out of an emerging hole. Sensational as well as sexual, as a wound which does not heal yet does not bother you.
Today we have a world expanding on many different levels and with constantly increasing information where one easily looses sense of time, place and identity. In our digital era physical objects are perhaps more important than ever even though becoming seemingly less necessary. They are after all a sort of link between our inner self and our surrounding environment, which we are still very dependent on. This project was a search for a new type of spiritualism where one can continue a modern lifestyle in symbioses with our material reality to transcend our own materiality. A new type of living where communication between body, environment, nature and material is essential.

Fashion Films

The core for Gösta von Platen's work lays in the interconnection between inner and outer self. He sees the body's connection to the surrounding world as a liquid relationship in constant movement . He approaches the collection as an installation that shall be possible to enter both physically and mentally. The research is conducted from personal experiments, a fascination for art and metaphysical interpretations. In an extend he uses this as a tool to shape new designs together with a strong focus on menswear tailoring and construction. Always searching for new ways to break the boundaries of menswear and fashion's erratic timeline. Gösta von Platen graduated from ESMOD Berlin in November 2017. His upbringing in Sweden, Stockholm, gave a broad interest for art and culture as well as a strong connection to the Scandinavian nature. This laid the foundation for preparing art studies and later on the BA in fashion design. Seeing fashion as a multidisciplinary platform to continue investigating connections between all sorts of networks. gostavonplaten.com