Giasone Cashmere

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University of Modena
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100% made in Italy
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Collection – Beta

Collection Beta is inspired to the Italian craftsmanship where each detail is as much important as the complete collection. Each scarf is handmade and those 10 model are divided into 6 for woman and 4 unisex, every model is produced in 30 numbered pieces.
Elegance is the key factor and the Luxury is Sustainable since we use only italian cashmere and we work only with the best italian artisan.

Fashion Films

Giasone Cashmere is a project born to clean the abandoned plots of land that are spread around Italy in exchange for the fabulous cashmere to create a small number of Luxury Pieces. Giasone Cashmere will narrate you an history, a landscape, a value and is absolutely unique for the details that only the handmade italian manufacturing can guarantee. From an experimental mix of Italian textile tradition and the most modern design concept you can see the seduction of Italy contained on the warmth and lightness of our pieces. Our Cashmere Scarves and garments are made from our weavers using wood loom with a technique that requires at least 10 hours working for each scarf and much more for sweaters: it is a slow production of excellence. Our products are completely Made In Italy and characterised from the most recent design trend without loosing the traditional italian elegance.