Gemma Lee

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wellington / new zealand


massey university wellington

Gemma Lee is a brand of authenticity and luxury. A balance of free spirit, but sleek & refined. Born by the beach, Gemma Lee is rooted in the richness of surf culture & the adventures that come by the ocean. The brand encapsulates the beauty & artform of the rolling waves, the foamy whitewash, the glittering sunspots, and the golden sands. Gemma Lee is inspired by this overwhelming beauty and inspires adventurous water babies to create their own story in their Gemma Lee wetsuit.

Designer, Gemma, has always been a water baby living out her summers by the ocean. Gemma was a competitive swimmer for 13 years, and constantly obsessed over the swimwear she wore. Fashion and swimwear were never far apart for this athletic designer.

Now Gemma is launching her designer swimwear and wetsuit label, ‘Gemma Lee’, in September 2018. High ethical and sustainable practices underpin the core values of Gemma Lee, with each suit being hand made in Australia. Unlike standard wetsuits being made from petro-chemically produced neoprene and toxic glues, Gemma Lee suits are created with a more sustainable geo-prene which is made from limestone, and sustainable non-toxic glues.

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