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Collection – Vestiaire 3

I open my eyes, it’s there.

My knees tremble this morning. The winter.
Invisible, pitiless, like a judgement, the next day it has advanced a bit further. It reigns now. So we launch, as each time, a war dance, lost in advance.

I decide that this time it will be different. I shall advance with small steps, like an animal, I shall observe it like it observes me. Then, I shall abandon myself, confident, the eyes closed, as in a lover’s embrace. I shall fall into it, it will fall into me. With a purity, an honesty, a forgotten instinct. I shall not be «dressed», I shall be free of manners, exigent, like the winter. I shall be its friend, its observed observer, even worse - its lover.
Bulgarian-Parisian, Fine Arts bachelor Gabriela Alexandrova launched her prêt-à-porter brand in 2015. Led by her experience of 10 years as a stylist, scenography artist and artistic director for luxury brands and the strong wish to express her personal vision of style. Her first collection was selected in the finals of Grand Prix de la Creation de la Ville de Paris 2015..