south korea
University / School:
SADI(samsung Art & Design Institute)
Production Location:
south korea
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Collection – 18S/S COLLECTION ‘Unexpected uniform'

The concept of FROMMARK 18SS Collection starts with mixing the 'Urban' and 'Utility' elements together. The military inspired details are used with avant-garde touch, transforming the garment into a simple and contemporary form.

The Oversized Anorak, Mac Coat, and Fishtail Parka are newly added. Pants are presented in various styles that include wide and cropped designs with voluminous silhouettes portraying an eccentric street look.
The main colors, Black, Navy, Khaki, and Beige, are complemented and accentuated by the sub colors, Yellow and Orange. A mixture of stripe patterns and camouflage prints creates a playful atmosphere.

Fashion Films

FROMMARK starts from the 'marks of past'. The objects we see and feel are the marks of something particular as well as being the results of past experiences and emotions which has been bulit up, transformed and fused. As seen from the slogan 'New elements within the past', we interprete the meaning of the marks from past and agonize about the elements which can be recreated within above. We seek for the harmonious balance of new elements which will be merged with the past such as ununiformed proportion, genderless and prospective value and avant-garde. FROMMARK is designed and produced in seoul.