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Collection – VOL.1

From the concept of memories and time, a sign leaves a memory of itself with overlays and stratifications.
Primitive art as essential strength. Metallic elements as zippers and eyelets are used as graphic and functional elements.
The shape is like a sign around the body, but it’s the body itself that creates the shape. Pleats as constructive elements to create movements and forms.
Francesca Invernizzi inspires an essential, poetic aesthetic based on the linear simplicity of forms and volumes. References to art, photography and pure silhouettes are the strong points of the work. The formal vocabulary is a sophisticate reinterpretation of history, tradition and tailoring, while the bold use of materials and the subtle combination of finishings and details appeal the self-conscious, contemporary woman. No seasons, just Volumes with their own story. Francesca Invernizzi is a Stockholm based, independent fashion brand founded by the Italian designer Francesca Invernizzi.