Francesca Castellano

Grey Sheep



berlin / germany


esmod berlin - international university of arts for fashion

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Francesca Castellano is an italian Fashion Designer, based in Berlin.
She studied Fashion design in Paris and graduated in Berlin, in ESMOD, International University of Art for Fashion.
She worked in NYC, Milano and Berlin, assisting several haute couture and evening wear designers.
Francesca Castellano is the success of a dream in which its creator believed. The brand has been founded in 2018.
Focused on making every women feeling unique and fabulous, Francesca creates high end Fashion Collections, where precious details and luxury elements are combined perfectly.
She developed as well a capsule collection of tights and socks, outstanding and eye-catcher. Her extravagant personality and Italian roots, combined with the hipster and underground Berliner influences, make her collection unique, cool and sexy.
Francesca Castellano main goal is taking the Berliner Fashion scene and beyond, by bringing the “Made in Italy” to a new level of modernity and consciousness.