Flore Girard De Langlade

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – L'âge de raison

This master degree collection is named « L’âge de raison » in echoe to my own growth and fulfillment. I have been inspired by the colorful universe of bullfighting, the training and the raise of the cowherds in this specific area, the unknown habits of these guys whose lives are dedicated to fight and exhibit their bodies. I focused myself on casual, resistant and tough garments used in their apprenticeship : the cape, the riding aprons, the leather « zahones » leg-aprons protecting from the cattle’s guidance dangers.

Then I declined the patterns of these garments with different shapes, exaggerated amplitudes and ruffles, integrating their specific cuts into other more formal clothes like perfecto, shirts or trench-coat, applying and mixing their codes, their rough sunburned fabrics. I also decided to use the denim stitches and overstitches, not only for the white classical cigarette pair of jeans, but also for the finishings as a common theme on some leather pieces like the tailored bolero jacket, the perfecto or the biker pair of pants.

I played with the proportions of the man closet, bending and tightening the waist, the legs, the thighs or the butt, tyeing and lacing-up the male silhouette with long and thin leather belts. Nor feminine nor gender fluid but a very sensitive evocation of what I imagine as a different version of menswear.

I also developed a small series of accessories like a money-belt and a bottle-bag with a leather specialist, craftswoman and founder (with ex-participant Magdalena Brozda) of the swiss creative brand WoRN : sensual shapes, erotic connotations from the french « emboulage » leather tools used to protect the young toreros from the cow horns. I decided to keep the making process of these tools, colored raw edges, and the rough aspect of the stableboys’ gloves. With all these inspiring methods, I made a collaboration (as a sponsorship) with the french house and gloves manufacture Agnelle to make my own gloves.
After my diploma in visual communication in Marseilles, I realise that I needed to go further with graphic design and drawings. I was eager to feel the sensitive aspect of touching and manipulating fabrics. I decided to start again and apply to the fashion design cursus at HEAD Geneva. I quickly figured out that those two complementary graduations could be my main strenght and it was exciting to combine both working methods nding my own creative way. During my scholarship at the University of the Arts of GenevaI have always meant to express my strong belonging to the south of France. First Marseilles where I was born, and now Camargue, which is a place that stimulates my imagination. For my master collection, I worked with craftmans and specialists, learning to lead a team, devolve tasks, and most of all, work on menswear, which is really new and exciting for me !