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RMIT University Australia
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Collection – The Bride of Airpocalypse

Fashion Designer: Fitri Ranatarya
Model: Madison J
Photographer: Elizabeth Gao
HMUA: Jacqueline Fisher



The theme I have chosen is ‘The Breathing Form’, and my concept is called ‘The Bride of Airpocalypse’.
My concept revolves around the idea of respiration and air pollution that is slowly spreading in the world.

In the current times, having the ability to breathe clean air is a privilege. People are suffocating in many large cities across the world with thick smog covering the entire city. One particular case happens in China, where major cities are covered in dense smoke causing the people to develop respiratory illnesses that potentially lead to death.
Unfortunately, rather than doing something about it, most people just plainly accepted their situation and are getting used to it.

My muse comes in the form of these two anonymous Chinese couple that used their pre-wedding shoot as a form of protest to the government regarding the massive pollution in the majority of Chinese cities. They wore a suit and a dress with gas masks in the middle of a run-down street, captured in black and white.

Looking through at all of their photos evokes my emotion. Their faceless expression behind masks surrounded by a densely polluted traffic jams, while embracing each other’s arms is strong yet fragile at the same time. What caught my attention is how they portrayed the message in such an active manner while having a very intimate approach to the protest. By incorporating the relation of intoxicated air with the bride is to characterise the bride as the ‘mother earth’ and showing the necrotic process of how pollution affects the earth.

My design process starts with me, wanting to present the after effects of pollution through the bride’s character. My collection is based on exploring different textures through various kind of materials such as hand knitted ribbons, laced ribbons, machine knitted fabric, etc.

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Melbourne based Emerging Designer, Fitri is born and raised in Indonesia. Currently, she is studying to get her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design (Honours) At Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Through her practice, Fitri often focuses on details and craftsmanship with a strong conceptual background. She has strong creative ways of thinking that drive her to create something unique with unconventional materials. Her design processes focus on conceptual project yet performative that allows her to investigate cultural identity and deliver her perception of current issues through fashion.