United Kingdom
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the glasgow school of art
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united kingdom
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Collection – Death on a Pale White Horse

Taking its name from William Turner’s 1829 painting of the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, ‘Death on a Pale White Horse’ is a visceral expulsion of colour, cloth, shape and craftsmanship.

Using prints evoking romantic conceptions of the sublime, Fishwife have taken their love of historical shapes and traditional methods, and re-imagined courtly dressing with a modern sensibility and a contemporary silhouette. Self described as “....ramped up Miss Haversham lost at sea for a few centuries, and flung into a futuristic dionysian hyper reality....”

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fishwife (ˈfɪʃˌwaɪf) — n  , pl -wives Often the wives and daughters of fishermen, fishwives were notoriously loud and foul-mouthed, as noted in the expression, To swear like a fishwife. Fishwives were also noted for their beauty, hardiness and industry and were celebrated by artists and royalty... "They dressed in strong ’stuff' gowns and quilted petticoats; their hair, caps and bonnets were flattened into one indistinguishable mass upon their heads. ... They smoked small pipes of tobacco, took snuff, drank gin and were known for their colourful language." Fishwife is the London based womenswear label spawned from the trawling minds of Sasha Jackson and Rachel Whittington. The Savile Row trained fishwives met whilst working in bespoke tailoring and soon discovered a shared aesthetic, outlook and a passion for fine craftsmanship. Fishwife create collections that celebrate skill, technique, tradition and experimentation. We delight in the endless possibilities achievable from the manipulation of fabric and pattern to enchant and intoxicate. Fishwife create rakish, defiant, exceptionally constructed womenswear.