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degree in fashion design at Politecnico di Milano
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Collection – FALL WINTER 2018-19 // IRANIAN DREAM

The FW18//19 FASE collection eliminates the gender gaps and strengthens the unisex concept. Men and women clothes appear almost completely fit for both sexes, including 31 clothes thought for sport and everyday life. Maintaining technical materials linked to the sport universe, FASE aesthetics moves itself between fitness and fashion playing with clothes which mix a nordic style, clean and essential, and an urban and futuristic concept mood, inspired by an oriental-nature taste. The Volumes are oversized, in particular in down clothes. The FW18//19 FASE collection alternates the rigidity of military inspiration, decise, clean, precise, with more fluid and dynamic finitures which find fulfillment in the concept of movement: pre-formed trousers legs and armclothes, and ‘“TEHERAN” Print represents a modular repetition of dancers. The technical presence, asiatic taste, sense of order are thought as if accompanying dancers’s fluid movements. The focal point of the brand is taking position, an artistic choice but made real: creating fashion clothes within a physic,
real space: the factory, the FASE factory. “Factory” as the place of creativity, experimentation , creation.

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Flavia Grazioli is a fashion sportswear designer born in Rome. Coming from a military background in her family, Flavia got her degree at Politecnico di Milano. Passionate about Japanese fashion and culture, with a high attention to functionality and practicality, her style is distinctly influenced by Northern European Design: basic wear, often oversized, clean and refined at the same time. She is now Production Coordinator at “La Rocca” for a series of brands including, among others, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Griffin, Fusalp, and Designer and Manager of brand FASE FACTORY. Previously, she worked in Fendi’s Advertising Department in Rome for 2 years, and collaborates as illustrator with different companies such as Fendi, Rizzoli, and CultRise. “Fashion is a social phenomenon, which reflects the needs of any given age. Today we need to make our life simpler. We need garments which are practical, comfortable and easy to use.”Her creations consistently reflect her life philosophy.