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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Kalamatzi

UEFA Euros 2004 / 0-1 /
Angelos Charisteas scored the winning goal, Athens became a big open-air club, nobody expected it.
The collection proposes a new aesthetic regarding sportswear’s inspiration and Ancient Greeks fashion, in order to create a sensual, sporty and graphic womenswear with a destroy twist.


This collection was inspired by four years living and discovering Greek culture marked by its major past, and my strong interest for sportswear’s major role in modern fashion.
The key direction of the collection is a mix between the iconic ancient Greek dress (chiton) & modern sportswear, to propose an experimental wardrobe, comfortable, but without any sport functionality. The research of the volume has started with the deconstruction and re-construction around the body of very basic garments from modern sportswear. Jogging, soccer t-shirt, legging, sport bra, tracksuit, twisted to create new shapes and give that deconstructed looking to the garment. I have emphasized this deconstructed, twisted aspect by making lining going out of shorts, pants, tops ; with seams that look like they are falling apart or revisited free edges finishing. This gives a destroy touch to the looks, in order to remind the damaged appearance of sportswear that has been worn too much, and raise it to the rank of beauty.
I have used mostly technical textiles (such as sports jersey from famous swiss textile manufacturer Schoeller) that I’ve been draping around the body to create my collection’s volume. I have played with the different quality they have, their elasticity, wrapping the body, draping the clothes, to make a new interpretation of the famous ancient greek draping. The Chiton, worn by greek women in Antiquity had these openings making skin appearing while moving. I have used those openings to add this sensuality, by canceling seams on the pants, sides & sleeves of my tops and sweaters.
By sewing jersey I have discovered the specific sewing machine for it and had a crush. It has this sewing point that I found so inspiring that I have sewn the whole collection with the different possibility of sewing point that it has. I have developed it in order to find new ways of use, for originals finishing but not only. I have developed it in textiles or even draw literally my motif with the machine.

The collection also has a strong graphic touch, related to my studies background in visual arts. It is visible by the contrast of colors regarding fabrics, finishings, textiles and patterns that I have created. I have used the signature of the Greek's soccer team to make a new pattern. It is printed with silkscreen on fabrics and socks, playing with their placement in an unexpected way. I have used sports socks not only as an accessory of styling, but also as a proper fabric. I was very seduced by its knitting mesh and wanted to make bras, sweater, playing with the lines.

I have also used brooches to gather my garment, either in a functional or in decorative way. Those brooches have been made in collaboration with Loucia Carlier, an artist and friend whose drawings inspires me. The brooches were then declined into a complete line of jewelry : bracelet, necklace, earrings, styling the looks.

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After studying visual arts at ECAL, in Lausanne, I just completed a BA in fashion design at la HEAD, in Geneva. I have lived in Athens, in Greece for 4 years when I was a teenage and this country and its culture marked by its past completely seduced me. I became obsessed with myths, incredible creative stories full of magic and wisdom, that stimulated a lot my imagination. Since those years, there is always a bit of that influence in my projects. Colors, letters, graphic and visual memories had been influencing constantly my creative universe. This collection was somehow the occasion to create a true tribute to that strong imaginary. It was also an overview of my own interpretation of one of the biggest trend of those last decades : sportswear. More and more people are wearing clothes that are inspired by sportswear or made for an active use. I am particularly fascinated by how those clothes are worn by so many people, from such different category of style, but also mostly people who don't practice sports at all. This must be explained by this special energy that sports garment got and give off. For me, those sportswear garments with their fabrics, finishing, shapes or graphics, are a huge source of inspiration for fashion design, especially when it is freed from its initial usefulness. I want to carry on this design research, while maintaining as a challenge, the goal to give a fresh look to this trend.